Right To Information requests

Transparency is an issue of growing interest to Tasmanians. We can understand this. In a time of growth and opportunity, we all have an interest in protecting the Tasmanian way of life first and foremost, and from this, maintain healthy social and natural environments, and vibrant economies.

We understand that our industry sector, nature-based tourism, plays a role in the wider public conversation. This includes our own Lake Malbena project. With this in mind we have chosen to take the step to release all known & outstanding Right To Information (RTI) correspondences immediately, and directly to the public.

The information being released includes our commercial and our personal Lease and Licences (previously released to the Wilderness Society, Tasmanian National Parks Association, the Central Highlands Council and two other interested parties), as well as current RTI requests ‘concerning Wilderness Society protest action at Halls Island’, and those concerning ‘a row boat at Halls Island’.

Daniel Hackett, Lake Malbena project.

Document Links

Jan 2020 Halls Hut Lease: Download

Jan 2020 RTI 043 - Row Boat Correspondence: Download

Jan 2020 RTI 045 - Protest Correspondances: Download

Jan 2020 Release - Wild Drake Lease: Download

July 2022 Release Wild Drake Lease Deed of Variation Deed of Variation - June 2022 - Wild Drake Pty Ltd - executed[8229]_Redacted

Sept 2022 Halls Island Application of Exemption, Certification of Exemption (relating to restoration of the existing private hut)

Other details

Halls Island Facts: https://www.hallsisland.com.au/facts/

Halls Island Public Access: https://www.hallsisland.com.au/public-access-program/