Public Notice: Assessment under the EPBC Act

Wild Drake P/L. Project: Halls Island Standing Camp, Lake Malbena, Tasmania. EPBC Reference: 2018/8177
Assessment matters relating to Part 3 of the Act: threatened species and communities (s18 & 18A), World Heritage (s12 & s15A), National Heritage (s15B & s15C)

Please be advised that Wild Drake P/L has set out and published information given to the Minister in relation to the action, with any changes or additions needed to take account of public comments received within the 2022 public comment process. The documentation contains a summary of the comments received and how those comments have been addressed. This publication is for information only.

1 Summary response to public comment v3.2

2 RFI Submission v3.0 - post consultation

3 RFI Appendices - post consultation_Redacted